How many stars are their in the sky?
How far is the sky?
Can we touch it?

When was the last time we had these endless, continuous, relentless questions?
Remember that magical time when we watched that Beatle bug in hushed wonder, amazed at its texture, coloured orange or red, with black spots.

Flowing crawl of the caterpillar and those butterflies in various colours which we loved to watch.

Aristotle said, “philosophy begins in wonder…” and children are the philosophers among us.

Full of joy and laughter, sparkling eyes, cute as button, voice sweet as honey, exuberant, vibrant and wondrous.

5 tips to brighten your days when inside and alone!

In an era of physical distancing, it is natural to miss human contact, especially when you live alone. And work being hectic, more than ever, how to keep the energy up, enthusiasm up and be joyful. First of all don’t deny or resist whatever you feel, embrace it, acknowledge it and accept it. It shows that we are human when we have ability to feel 🙂

And then go ahead and find your ways. Here are few tips from my list:

1.Find Light : If you feel lethargic, tired, just…

“And God said, ‘love your enemy’ I obeyed him and loved myself.”

The quote is by Kahlil Gibran but I just decided to apply it on myself :)

Myself, whom my parents named as Lavi.

Many times I get this question from people, is that your actual name? I mean is there any full form for that? And I say, No, that’s it!

Some people prefer to call me ‘Laavi’ and I just let them be happy :)

So here I am, named Lavi, full of love, love myself including my name and believe in spreading love to each and…

While having a conversation, someone asked me the year in which I graduated and quickly calculated my age based on that :)

Little did he know that “Experts predict that age would just be a number. In coming years one would witness fitness enthusiasts shatter the myth of age.”

Jokes apart but in reality Any of us can be that fitness enthusiast!

Lets start with some reflection.

How many of us achieved our fitness goals for last year?
How many of you here do regular, planned workout?
How many of you create resolution for fitness again and again?

We are…

Khiya, Oye, Khachak!!

Practice sounds around me in the Karate club, big guys practicing their kicks hard.

My coach called, “Lavi, come here!” Huge guy standing in front of me, we greeted each other. And my coach said ‘Fight!’ I laughed and looked at him. He was not laughing. Each kick coming from him was like hammer and knife put together. Can you imagine? By the way, I loved Karate!

This was our small club, named Chung Wah Karate Club and we were very proud of it. …

Lavi Sharma

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