“And God said, ‘love your enemy’ I obeyed him and loved myself.”

The quote is by Kahlil Gibran but I just decided to apply it on myself :)

Myself, whom my parents named as Lavi.

Many times I get this question from people, is that your actual name? I mean is there any full form for that? And I say, No, that’s it!

Some people prefer to call me ‘Laavi’ and I just let them be happy :)

So here I am, named Lavi, full of love, love myself including my name and believe in spreading love to each and every human, animal and plant.

Very curious as a child, seeking what else might be in store, interestingly listening to bed time stories which shaped my life and my major values, like love, compassion and acceptance.

Like any other child, I liked playing and learnt karate, also, won a gold medal in All India Karate Championship. Wow, I still remember the cheering sounds, CW-KC, CW-KC.

Oh, by the way, CWKC was our ‘Chung Wah Karate Club’. This is my most cherished memory and was the beginning of my love for physical activity and fitness which remained with me always.

I love to stay fit and like to do it by making it fun, taking up various challenges. Couple of years back I took challenge to rise with the sun which was more than winning a contest for me, it gave me my life. When my alarm buzzes at 5:30, I can’t wait to go for walking with sunrise, to watch the perfection there is, love and joy there is.

Sun rises everyday as per nature like our nature is to be full of love and joy which is there even when there are clouds.

I love walking and can walk a lot! And, I don’t spare people around me from joining me in my various small challenges to keep it fun.

I love to walk in nature, which brings me to my second love, my love for nature. I belong to beautiful city of Dehradun, loving nature, mountains and flowers, I grew up. Doing MCA from Cochin University gave me exposure to Kerala, God’s own beautiful country which gave full blast to my nature love.

Nature is the way of mindfulness, way to meditate for me. Being near nature helps me to find my natural self and to connect with the source. I find my ways to be near nature whether its a glimpse of my favorite tree while at home or trekking in serene surroundings when there is chance to go out.

I believe every human being needs holistic growth by paying attention on mind, body and spirit trifecta. My love for nature and my love for fitness feeds my body and mind. And then, my soul seeks some connections. As a child I had the soul food through stories and now I find stories in real world, stories of togetherness and magic of experience that we are all connected, we just don’t see it.

I love talking to new people and exploring them, making friends. When we are together we feel alright because ‘None of us is as good as all of us’.

Sounds all good? Is it? But not always! I need me time too, that’s where my managed solitude comes into picture, In which I read, I read a lot and sometimes just enjoy the magic of silence which feeds my soul.

And sometimes, it’s not silence, it is just loud Bollywood music. Yes, I love listening to songs and singing and whistling along.

So, by doing all this, I try to fill my each and every moment with things I love to do and can make a difference. I have created the future of love and connection and working on it backwards.

As they say ‘Things that matter most should not be at the mercy of things that matter least.’ Life is now, and nowhere else, let us give our best to the present moment.

- Lavi Sharma